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Consulting Services

I offer consulting services to other mental health professional because even experienced clinicians sometimes find themselves stuck or unsure about how to proceed in a case or in their practices. Having another professional join them in exploring their own experiences while treating others can be enormously beneficial to your own professional growth, to your clients, and in maintaining a high level of ethical boundaries.

I also provide consulting services to those who are seeking to develop a treatment center or who already have a treatment center.  It can be challenging to provide comprehensive treatment that is creative, personalized, and cutting edge while also making it accessible and affordable to your clients.  These services can be packaged in a variety of ways, including hourly clinical supervision of individual staff members to enhance their clinical skills and development, or weekly or monthly hourly commitments, which can be helpful to those who are seeking to develop clinical protocols or are expanding their centers.  


I work closely with treatment center owners to help them achieve their goals of providing innovative and caring programs. In addition to offering a variety of clinical consultation services, I am particularly focused on helping programs find ways to work more collaboratively with their clients’ support networks and with their referral sources.


My consulting services include but are not limited to:

  • Development and implementation of training programs

  • Ethical Consultations and Training

  • Clinical supervision for mental health professionals

  • Treatment plan development



Self Care

Ethics Issues



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